Shower thoughts 2…. this got awkward! (Comic #743)

After I drew this, Mike pointed out that I could possibly draw a belly button on sitting in the shower Liz, like the Mr Matey bubble bath ads that were shown in Australia in the 80s!


I might just add that belly button!

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Shower Thoughts 2 webcomic transcript

Little Liz is a fairly simply drawn character, though I like to think fairly expressive in those simple lines.

Liz sits on the couch, drawing.


Liz Narrates: For the book I’m working on, I drew myself sitting in the shower naked.

Liz sitting in the shower, looking sad.


Liz Narrates: And I looked just the same!


Liz standing, looking down at her body.


Liz: Heh, this just got awkward.

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