Throwback Thursday – Things React to Men of Their Times at Uncanny Magazine

To read what they were responding to head over to Uncanny Magazine.

Things React to Men of Their Time Webcomic Transcript

Bunson Hoppydew (a little pink bunny who likes dancing, friendship and cake) zooms along carelessly and bounces off Thing 2's head.

Thing 2: Owwww!

Thing 2: Bunson!

Bunson: It's ok, I'm a product of my environment.

Thing 2: That's not how it works!

Bunson: Oh, how does it work?

Thing 2: You say I'm sorry I kicked you in the head and then you try not to do it again.

Bunson: And can I make a cake too? then we can have cake!

Bunson and Thing 2 are smiling happily, there is a partially eaten cake next to them.

Bunson and Thing 2: Caaaake!