To Be Me (Comic #749)

I’ve had some health issues, the world has been in a bit of a terrible place, it’s been a bit much on the old noggin, but huzzah for people who can be there for you, huzzah for breathing. Not the first time I’ve written about being ok to be me, a worthy theme to return to!

Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela, Xander Odell, Stuart Barrow, Jesse the K, Brian Fies and Tracey Radford.

To Be Me 2, webcomic transcript

Thing 1 talks to Thing 2.

Thing 1: Sometimes it doesn’t feel very good being me.

Thing 1 collapses and falls and flows through the air and onto the ground before standing up again.


Thing 2: I’m here, it’s ok.


Thing 2: Breathe. You’re right here.

Thing 1 smiles: Ok.

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