Mystery Magnet Mega Bundle

A Sad Plus 5 Other Magnets

I’m so excited about the magnets I just got in! To celebrate, I’ve created a Mystery Magnet Mega Bundle, over on the Things store.

Over the next 5 weeks, I’ll be announcing one new magnet every week!

And every week the price of the mystery bundle will go up by $1!

The mystery items are:

  1. Comic magnet value $4.99
  2. Business card size magnet with full color art, value $2.99
  3. Comic magnet, value $4.99
  4. Cute square magnet, value $1.99
  5. Comic magnet, value $4.99

The bundle will also include my existing, A Sad magnet, value 4.99

  • Pre-order all the mysteries, $16.99 (OMG what a bargain!)
  • Mystery 1 revealed, $17.99
  • Mystery 2 revealed, $18.99
  • Mystery 3 revealed, $19.99
  • Mystery 4 revealed $20.99
  • Mystery 5 revealed $21.99 (Sweet! you basically get the business card sized magnet for free!)

Alas, I can only ship to the USA, but if you’re in a different country, drop me a line. Maybe we can figure out a bulk order to your favorite book store or something!

Order now for maximum mystery and savings!

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