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Ordinary madness, pre-order now graphic

Hi folks, I’ve always loved the wonderful stories I’ve heard about the joy the Things bring to folks. They have certainly brought a lot of joy to me.

And one of the ways drawing this comic has been special to me is that it ended up helping me heal from serious mental trauma. Between 2018 and 2020 I experienced three psychosises… which for me meant delusions, being lost in a scary thriller movie that wouldn’t end.

It really shook me up. The Things have played a huge role in my healing. Being able to take little aspects of my experience and turn them into more universal experiences we can all go through, helped me feel less alone and feel like I still had value to give to the world.

Most of my comics are not inspired by psychosis recovery, life is rich and diverse, but some are.

I’ve created a mini-comic/zine/book, 60 pages long that talks a bit about my experience in a way that I hope that is joyful, normalizing and a good read for anyone.

You can pre-order Ordinary Madness in my store, it’s a $9 instead of $10 for this first week.

It feels like a big, but important step to be open about my experience. Three in a hundred people will experience psychosis in their life and yet it’s still one of the most stigmatized things.

I hope you folks stick around, now that you know a bit more about what happened to me. I’m doing super well these days, I’ve gone through such a healing process and you get to see a little of it in my book.

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