The conclusive and inconclusive results are in!

85: Try

Awww, Try is the most voted for comic. ^_^

First up, thank you to everyone who voted. It’s actually pretty scary (at least for me) to ask people to take actions for something that is just about me and my art (how much safer to hide behind a worthy cause or collaborative effort). It feels egotistical and gut tremblingly humbling. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my work and taking valuable time out of your day.

With 6 pages I have to pick ONE of the comics with 4 votes… unless I can find a way to bend and fold space-time.

85: Try, 9 votes
141: Lifestyle advice from a small pink bunny – batman, 8 votes
147: Good enough? 7 votes
83: Beginner’s Mind, 6 votes
29: Worries, 5 votes
6: Why, 4 votes
7: Belief, 4 votes
41: Small, 4 votes
100: Practice, 4 votes
115: Evidence, 4 votes

All of the comics on the shortlist got at least one vote and that is a nice thing.
77: Missing You 3
87: After the Convention 3
14: Spoons 2
32: Bad 2
47: Thinking 2
103: Lifestyle Advice from a Small Pink Bunny, part 2 1
156: Geek girl geek boy 1

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