Things 2016 Calendar

Exciting news, the Things Calendar from spoonflower arrived in the mail! I ordered a yard so I could get four for a cheaper price, but a fat quarter will get you one. They look quite large and fabulous. I think they will make rather snazzy Christmas gifts!


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3 thoughts on “Things 2016 Calendar

  1. Is Maggie on it ? and if not could you just sneak her in ? LOL …I love the idea and I want one!!

    1. Alas she isn’t in one. I could do a custom maggie thing on spoonfloower, but it would cost me $10 plus postage and handling to proof it and make it available :-(… I feel a little uncomfortable doing too much maggie stuff when I’m still getting to know her!

    2. With you on my mind I created this as my second piece on Redbubble. I hope you enjoy!

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