Where would you like the Things to go?

The Things live in Seattle, but they are up for adventure! Post below to tell us where you would like them to go next 🙂

13 thoughts on “Where would you like the Things to go?

  1. The Olympic or Cascade mountains. Canada. The sea lion caves in California. The Olympic Rainforest.

    1. I’ll be going to the Olympics soon, so that one will happen while I am there!!

  2. Hollywood!

  3. The Things can come to Denver!

  4. Somewhere in Australia! Sydney, on Eora country, or anywhere in Aus, really.

  5. Moon!

    1. Done! Now in the inbox for all subscribers. Thanks Ian!

  6. Istanbul!
    Or is that Constantinople?

  7. I love all these ideas! The Things will keep traveling, so I’ll keep checking back here for inspiration 🙂

  8. They should hop in a capsule shaped UFO from the astral plane and have e a freezing Holliday at pluto

  9. Uranus.

    “Nope. Doesn’t seem any funnier from this close”

  10. Visit the Rodeo in Houston, Texas. Your Things would look adorable in cowboy hats with big belt buckles around their middles!

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