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19: Inversion

This was I hard to draw. They just look wrong! Can’t believe the write-a-thon is almost over. 6 weeks? Already?


Thing 1: I feel funny Thing 2: It tickles!

18: Overworked


Thing 1: Are you okay? Thing 2: Just a little overworked

17: Wearing Socks

  I was almost ready to export to photo library when sketchbook crashed. Crashed so hard it randomly deleted FOUR layers – leaving me with the original scratchy sketch and the most recent layer I had created. What did that layer contain? The coloring for the sole of the boot. All else was gone. So I had to redraw and recolor and poooo! Yep I’m gonna find me a new app. As an added extra, given you were kind enough to stick around and listen to me rant, here’s the original sketch. 20120802-234819.jpg


Thing 1 wears sock on head; Thing 2 smiles; Boot laughs

16: Fulfillment of Socks

  Thanks to Emily and Andrew for inspiring this comic.


Thing 1 & Thing 2: We have a sock. Thing 1: Socks need something Thing 2: Something we’re missing *Boot appears; Things smile*

15: Socks

This comic was inspired by a conversation on Annalee Newitz‘s twitter about whether the Machine in Person of Interest is a metonym or synecdoche for the surveillance state. Hooray for interesting conversations!


Thing 1: I HAVE NO SOCKS a pause a pause sock appears

14: Spoons

This one was inspired by Emily Skaftun asking for information about recent work for the Horrific Miscue blog. I helpfully told her that the Things like spoons. Thanks Emily! [transcript] Thing 1: I like spoons Thing 2: They taste happy! a pause Thing 1: And crunchy  

I Have Host My Stylus

So this is what the inside of my brain looks like when it has been hanging out with the things.