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422: Return of the Revenge of the Hands, Part Two!

The hands are coming through

It is a very strange feeling to put yourself in your own webcomic! Transcript: Thing 1: Do we step on it? Thing 2: That might make it angry A scraggly haired human comes out of the hole in the ground. Human: Hi Thing 2: It talks! Thing 1: What are you? Human: I draw you!

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421: Return of the revenge of Hands! Part One

The hands return while Bunson Hoppydew is distracted

And now you know what bunnies do on their day off! Hands first appeared way back in comic 107, a brief weird two comic encounter before re-emerging in comic 125. Last we saw them they were sheltering under a cardboard box! Transcript: Thing 2: The hand! Thing 1: The hand is back! Thing 1: The […]

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139: Hands!

Scary hands let loose upon the world after Bunson’s cardboard box eating ways. Do… this… yup, that’s what they do.

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127: Oh No Hands!

The scary hands saga continues. Phew! Thanks Bunson for that quick thinking!

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125: HANDS!!!

Armargaaaaarhd, the hands are still here!!

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107: Hands

Over on facebook Kylie offered to lend the Things her hands. Gold star to Kylie for being my muse today. My brain went in many directions with the concept of hand lending! Transcript The Things are looking at a hand that has emerged from a hold in the ground. As the Things are looking at […]

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Creativity with Bunson Hoppydew – Make Sounds (Comic #692)

Make Sounds Comic Transcript Caption: Make a cow sound. Bunson Hoppydew (a little pink bunny, he likes dancing, friendship and cake) is sitting down, smiling and mooing. Bunson: Moo! Caption: Make an alien sound. Bunson's ears look a little electrified with lots of diagonal lines and shapes. Bunson: Mweep mweep. Caption: Draw the Cow and Alien talking to each other. Bunson is drawing a cow and an alien on a piece of paper. Bunson is smiling. Bunson is prancing and saying mweep mweep. Bunson is dancing, Moo moo! Bunson is sitting and smiling at us. Caption: Art is a conversation.

Edit: and thanks to Ellen of Creation Station for spotting the typo. It has been fixed! Making sounds can certainly help the creative juices flow (as does pacing, having a shower and wriggling your hands). Often, I’ll make little sounds to myself when I’m looking for an idea or am frustrated with how some ideas […]

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Creativity with Bunson Hoppydew – Draw a Feeling (Comic #691)

Draw a Feeling, Comic Transcript Bunson Hoppydew, a little pink bunny, he likes dancing friendship and cake, is drawing on a piece of paper and smiling at us Caption: Draw a feeling Bunson concentrates intensely as he draws further lines, bending over the page. Caption: It's ok to struggle, drawing feelings can be tricky and symbolic. Bunson is smiling and drawing on the page with both hands. Caption: One way to draw complex feelings is to draw the feelings around feelings around feelings. Bunson stands up, proudly holding one pencil in his hand (a little like a rampant lion, a little like someone holding their pencil like a spear!). Bunson zooms through the air, holding a pencil. Bunson sits down and smiles at us. Caption: Using lines helps too!

Ah creativity with Bunson, interestingly enough I’ve been struggling with my own feelings about creativity and being unhappy with work I’ve already made. Which is why I didn’t share a comic with you last week! I was tempted not to post this week as well! But then I read my own comics, and that helped […]

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Creativity with Bunson Hoppydew – Make Marks (Comic #669)

Make Marks Comic Transcript Bunson Hoppydew (he is a pink bunny who likes dancing friendship and cake) is standing in front of an easel with his hands on his hips. Caption: Draw a line. Bunson is drawing a line on the easel with a large pencil. Caption: Any line. Bunson has drawn a lot more lines. Caption: Draw more lines if you feel like it. Bunson: yay! Bunson spoings and jumps and dances around. Bunson is sitting down looking at us, there is a pencil tucked between his ears. Caption: Make marks.

A new series from an enthusiastic and helpful bunny. Everyone can make art! When in doubt, just start making marks (doodling is soooo good, and a great place to start). Make Marks Comic Transcript Bunson Hoppydew (he is a pink bunny who likes dancing friendship and cake) is standing in front of an easel with […]

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671 – Haunted by a Mean Email!

Liz: Recently I was haunted by a mean e-mail I had sent. She holds her arm and stares into space. Liz: FOUR Years ago Liz: It was bugging me for days. Liz puts her hand to her face.Liz: So I decided to apologize. She smiles.Liz wearing glasses and typing on the computer. Liz: It took me ages to find the email.Liz stares into space with her hands clenched, full of tension.Liz: The email was actually polite! I'd just felt really grumpy when I wrote it!

The Liz is a little bit different compared to the last time I drew her! It always feels a little wild, fun and naughty to put myself in the comic! Transcript Liz: Recently I was haunted by a mean e-mail I had sent.She holds her arm and stares into space. Liz: FOUR Years ago Liz: […]

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