A thank you to our fabulous Airbnb host

The creator of the Things went on a road trip with her dad and sweetheart. We went from Seattle to San Francisco, taking the Redwoods Highway for a goodly length of time and spending a lot of time undulating along the coast on highway one. The scenery was ridiculously beautiful and the beaches were gloriously wild.

Once we got to San Francisco we stayed at an airbnb in Inner Richmond near Golden Gate Park. The space was kinda perfect to noodle around in, cook, have our own space without it being too big or too small. Our host downstairs is an amazing horticulturalist who trains Bonsai succulents and is a compost specialist! He also makes shovel faced art and photographs bugs! It’s quite a sight to see.


A letter from the Things to AirBNB host Vernon in Inner Richmond. Dear Vernon, Thank you for your lovely hospitality, we had a great time and thought your garden was amazing. .... seriously this guy does bonsai succulent plants that are out of this world. He doesn't sell his stuff that often, but if you get a chance go grab some!


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