Things greeting cards debut at Locus Awards 

At long last “a sad” greeting cards are for sale. They will debut this Saturday at the Locus Awards signing this weekend at the Best Western Executive Inn at 200 Taylor Avenue North, Seattle WA 98109.

The signing is a short window, but check out who will be there!
Saturday 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.: Autographing session with books available for purchase thanks to University Book Store. Signers include Liz Argall, Greg Bear, Annie Bellet, Robert Jackson Bennett, Neil Clarke, Daryl Gregory, Eileen Gunn, Randy Henderson, Scott James Magner, Julie McGalliard, Seanan McGuire, Raven Oak, Marco Palmieri, Adam Rakunas, Cat Rambo, Matt Ruff, Nisi Shawl, Patrick Swenson, Jack Skillingstead, Patrick Swenson, Bruce Taylor, Michael Damian Thomas, Carrie Vaughn, Connie Willis, Caroline M. Yoachim, and others TBA.

Prices at the signing!

Greeting cards $3 each or two for $5

Postcards $1

Calendars free with purchase $10 and above or $5 by itself.

Folks at the Locus Awards will get first bite, but I will post these to folks at this cost plus postage. You would be my first online sales that aren’t POD through a third party so it will be via emailing me what you want and PayPal 

Mayara responds to “Monster Girls Don’t Cry” over at Uncanny Magazine

Mayara, the tamarin the size of a tamarind seed, brings you her response to “Monster Girls Don’t Cry” by Merc Rustad over at Uncanny Magazine.

Go check it out!

“Monster Girls Don’t Cry” contained a lot of what I was soul food to me when I was teen, speculative fiction with enough teeth, hope and strength. It reminded me of what Merc has said about her mission and vision when she writes stories (you can read more about that from my interview with her over at Lightspeed for her story “Finding Home”).

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Things DIY Calendar Teatowels!

It’s been a busy time at Things Without headquarters. We are proud to announce that 2017 calendars are now available on Spoonflower. It’s a teatowel! It’s a reminder of just a few of the interesting days throughout the year.

2017 calendar

World Braille Day
World Day of Social Justice
Pi Day
World Sparrow Day
International Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
World Poetry Day
International Dance Day
World Laughter Day
World Refugee Day
International Day of Friendship
International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
International Literacy Day
World Teachers Day
World Philosophy Day
Human Rights Day
World Peace Day

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Communities of dreaming – love letters to Star Trek

If you would like more Things in your diet please head over to Uncanny Magazine and check out Things React to Star Trek where we look at love as a tool we use to shape ourselves, and shape our communities. 

Thanks to Mary Anne Mohanraj and Una McCormack for being the muses on this one (go read their essays), and thanks as always to Uncanny Magazine and all the Uncanny backers for creating this space for the Things to come, play and be inspired by the great fiction, non-fiction, poetry and interviews.

Uncanny Things, the May-en-ing!


Head over to Uncanny Magazine to check out a brand new Things Respond to Fiction….and win a sweet prize if you can be the first to answer their question!


Nebuals recap, including sketches

Head over to to read about convention sketches, see pretty pics and general squee!


Uncanny Things

Did you know that if you look at the webcomics tag over at Uncanny Magazine, you can look at all the comics we’ve drawn for them thus far! Half way through! Thanks again to all the Uncanny backers that made these special extra Things possible.


I’m working on the comic for Issue 10 right now! The cover is a gorgeous one by Galen Dara, click through to check it out in all its beauty (you can even buy a copy of the poster at Uncanny’s zazzle store!)