Things in Seattle/Shoreline

This weekend I’ll be part of the First Annual Sirius Mischief Memorial Roller Derby Art Show.

Saturday December 15, 10am-4pm, 19022 Aurora Ave N. Entry is free.

  • The creators presenting include:
  • Arkham – Arkham’s Oddities (origami and excentric works).
  • Betsy Nails (Liz Argall) – Things Without (comics, cards and art prints).
  • Carmen Dioxide – roller derby and nerd inspirewed jewelry and hair accessories.
  • Lydia Brewer – Raw Power
  • MoanWrath – CrochetedQuirks and custom metal stampling
  • Thrace – Phryne Soaps (handmade soaps, bath bombs, lip balms and body scrubs)
  • ShaNita Sweets – Peanut brittle, fudge, handcrafted candies and treats. Handmade hats, infinity scarfs, jogging headbands, hair clips and more!
  • Shannon Nielson – Simply Suds Soap Co. Essential oil roller balls, lip balm, sugar scrubs.

The show is hosting a donation drive for Orion Center for Youth. Bring stuff to support young people experiencing homelessness. New socks ++, items for Hygiene Kits (shampoo, deodorant, soap, brushes, sanitary products etc).

More info on the FB page

564: The Stories That Shape Us

Wishing you joyful stories and transformation.

Thing 1: Would you like to hear a story?

Thing 2: Yes.

Thing 1: It’s about transformation.

Thing 1: How what we love and how we love.

Shapes who we are.


With love to the books and pets who shape our lives.


Thanks to all my patrons and special big extra thanks to Helen, Dennis, and Ralph, Sandra Fowler, Matthew Noe, Sandra M. Odell, Erik Owomoyela, and Stacy & Alma Smyth.

We’ll be at the Rollergirl Art Show in Seattle on December 17

17 December at 11:00–15:00
843 Hiawatha Pl S, Seattle, WA 98144-2823, United States

I’ll be selling cards, calendars, stickers, prints and three comics. You can stock up for Christmas with the All Ages comic collection “Hello World”. You will also be able to get my not quite so all ages collection “Songs Dreams and Nightmares” and the anthology “Dreams of Tomorrow”.

Facebook event link

“The roller derby community is filled with talented artists. This is our first event showcasing the art of our talented skaters, and photographers.

Fans can choose from a wide variety of hand-crafted goods and events including original art, jewelry, and much much more!

Our lineup of artists include:

– A.Cup Killer, mixed media
– Betsy Nails, comics
– Dirty Little Secret, ceramics, soaps and body products
– Jo Jo Stiletto, Jo Jo Stiletto Events
– Killer Bee-otch, Winegirl Wines
– Lydia Brewer, RAW Power
– MoanWrath, crocheted items
– Nerd Rage, mixed media
– Sami Automatic, Automatic Designs
– Sirius Mischief, Kick Glass
– Star Struck, personal stylist and shopper
– Teeny Mussolini, block prints

The show is free and fun for the whole family! We look forward to seeing you!” 

Things Hello World Collection in Australia

Australian fans can purchase Hello World from the fabulous independent comic book store Impact Comics. They have done so much to support Australian comics and local artists that I actually prefer it if you purchase from them instead of me directly!

Thank you all for hanging out with the Things.

“Hello World” now available at Dragon’s Hoard

You can now buy my collection, “Hello World”  Dragon’s Hoard in Silverdale, WA, USA.

Woohoo! They just told me they have sold two copies already ^_^.

Go grab a copy!


The Things will be at GeekGirlCon!

We’ll be part of the Horrific Miscue booth at G127. It will be great to see you there and anyone who is a Patron who comes up and says hello gets a Greetings from Seattle poster or a Bunson Hoppydew Sticker!
GeekGirlCon takes place at The Conference Center, located at 8th and Pike in downtown Seattle, WA, right across the street from the Washington State Convention Center.

Throwback Thursday/Friday AND Amazing Tattoo!

Throwback Friday is Throwback Thursday if you feel asleep on the floor of your lounge room (not even the couch) and don’t press post until Friday.

Sometimes I was so tired when I was drawing the things I just couldn’t even color boot! It bugs me and I always want to go back and fix it… but there are many things to do in the NOW.

Comic “462: Boot You” has finally been colored and updated!

And, and! This now exists in the world.

I am without ink and I’m not sure I ever will be. I’m so honored someone would love one of my characters and like my art enough to decide it would be permanent art. Boot will always been in my heart, and now other places too.

Thank you for this honor, Sandra Odell, author of many fine and gritty tales and half of Dragon’s Hoard

August update and Things postcard

Highlights within, spoodle boy band poster, upcoming events, links to stuff I’ve done recently, how to get your social justice calendar, August power up playlist.

Creating in service

There is an alchemy that happens when you create in service. For me, it gives me a freedom as well as a responsibility. I may be stretched and asked for things that are a little beyond my comfort zone. I must hit a deadline, create the best experience, use my doubts to fuel energy, research, doing and completion, rather than letting those same doubts spiral down into self-defeating anxiety.

You can tell the difference, the alchemy when you look at this reflective blog post (nice, sure, but I’m burying the lead, I’m guiding you into something rather than bravely just going for it) and the blog post I wrote for Uncanny Magazine that went live today! In that post I get straight to the heart of it.

I am Liz, creator of the Things. Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me for a Hugo, simply making it to the long list was one of the best feelings I’ve had this year.

I am launching a Patreon. Patronage does so much! I would love your support. Thank you for supporting me, and thank you for supporting Uncanny Magazine.

^ Only more eloquent, because I was writing it for them, not me. Here is what I wrote for them

THIS IS A VERY LONG WAY OF SAYING my Patreon is live. Through that website, you can nourish creators like me for as little as $1 a month. I can already feel how it’s motivating me as a creator, I want to book more shows and reach out to my neighbors more. I would love your support. Thank you for reading this and go check it out!

545: Today we stared at the sun

The first ever drawing I did of the things (click the way back button to see and see how much I’ve improved) was

Today we stared at the sun until we went blind, it was a good day.

As I’m writing thing I’m listening to the NASA live stream and watching the eclipse through a pinhole projector made out a water cracker. It lasts for hours. So check it out if you have blue skies in North America (you’ll get a partial eclipse at least), in a way that does not make you go bind. And everyone can watch the stream 🙂


Many characters from the things, and extras! A smiling moon has almost finished crossing the sun.

Today we stared at the sun until it went away and came back again.

It was a good day.

Chuffles: hello moon.


Do you know about Patreon? It’s a place where everyday folks can become patrons of the arts. One of your favorite artists might be there right now, creating exclusive content and supported by a community of patrons. The Patreon that supports the Things is

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