Spectra aka Belly Full of Rainbows (Comic #154)

This comic is inspired by Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop. Spectra are kinda important. If you have no idea what this comic is about I have a lengthy blog post that might help (and that lengthy blog post has links to other resources).

I panicked and thought I needed to create a comic for Friday. It was only when I was preparing this update that I realized I had created a Things Comic for Thursday and a comic was not required... I think I'll break the rules of my update schedule and share it with you today anyway! I'm a wild woman sometimes. It was so much fun working on this one (thanks Andy for your help e-mailing the spectra images to my iPad while I drew)

I drew one version and felt quite confused, this wasn't what my sketch looked like! The coloring is really different to what I had in my mind, but I just kept going and focused on making it look as pretty as I could despite the altered layout. I wrote my blog post and set it to upload. Then at 6am (mountain time) I suddenly sat bolt upright in a panic. Somehow I'd switched the emission spectrum of hydrogen with the absorption spectrum of hydrogen. I felt so foolish!

This is the comic that went live for about one hour and hopefully no one has seen as the official comic. It is pretty, it's just wrongety wrong trousers.


Black Body Thing

Hot Hydrogen Thing

Chill Hydrogen Thing

Absorption Spectrum Things