A Letter from Fran – PART FOUR (the conclusion?) (Comic #180)

I drew this a few moments ago, lying on a bed in New Orleans! I've been traveling with my sister ever since Worldcon and am now staying at a super sweet Air BnB in Bywater.

It's such a pretty place and our host is so nice. It makes me want to go back through my old posts and write about the places I was when I drew comics on the road... indeed I shall, there are good people who need to be celebrated. I'll let you know when I do that. Right now I think I need some nom nom things in my face parts.


Thing 1: How... I... eat

Thing 2: With nom nom mouth parts

Thing 1: Then down the wobbly gubble hubble

Thing 2: Into the belly glow

4 thoughts on “A Letter from Fran – PART FOUR (the conclusion?) (Comic #180)

  1. Dear Things, thank you so much for the wonderful replies. You made my heart glow. <3 Fran

    1. I just spoke to the Things and they are so happy that you wrote them. They don’t often get letters and they are delicious!

      1. I will try to write more things worthy of the Things!

        1. I know I’m a better person when I try to live up to them!

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