Unresolved Conflict With a Sock – Part 3 (of at least 7!) (Comic #297)

Today I am heading out to Readercon!

I've hand drawn and inked most (possibly all, I haven't decided if it needs the last few pages I scripted) of the comics in this story arch. My sweetie says I should allow myself space to be inspired by Readercon and break up the story a little. We shall see! This is certainly a challenging story arch. If this was a prose piece I could spend the next three months double thinking myself! I do like the pressure of a deadline.

I hope you enjoy it, feedback always welcome (FB seems to be the place where the most discussion happens).


Thing 1: I know Sock doesn't talk

Thing 1: But Sock definitely communicates

Thing 1: DON'T  you, SOCK.

Thing 1 and Sock look at each other.