Bored? (Comic #283)

353 feels like quite the milestone!
^ note, because of a numbering error I thought this was comic 353, it is actually comic 283! It is August 20 2014 and I am going through and correcting all the numbers. It's embarrassing to have one typo throw everything out for months and go unnoticed!


Thing 2: Are you bored of us

a beat

Thing 1:  NO!

a beat

Thing 2: How about now?

Thing 1: no!

a beat

Thing 1: Are you bored of me?

Thing 2: What?

Thing 2: of course not!

3 thoughts on “Bored? (Comic #283)

  1. Never.

    1. <3 <3 <3 ^_^

    2. And teehee. In the original version the final line was “Never!”

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