The Cows Come Home (Comic #365)

We have the saying, out partying until the cows come home, but I wonder how many of us these days have experienced a throng of milling dairy cattle waiting impatiently for their 4am milking. This saying comes from such a visceral reality and so it's interesting to me to think that how sayings live on beyond their environments.

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Cows Come Home Comic Transcript

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are chatting to each other.

Thing 1: We'll stay out until the cows come home.

Thing 2 puts on a party hat and blows a party blower.
Thing 2: eeeee!

Thing 1: have you spent time with cows?
Thing 2 gently pokes Thing 1 on the face with the party blower.
Thing 2: Phweet!

Thing 1: I meant their 4pm milking.
Thing 2 looks stunned.

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