Agape (Comic #484)

Today's comic was inspired by a twitter conversation with D Franklin, thank you! And true to my word, you can now buy a not necessarily romantic love card from the Redbubble store!

Agape is a lovely concept and one of the Greek words for love.

I uploaded today's comic with a transparent background, thought it would be a fun change! Especially given the Things are no particular color and are sometimes no color at all! What do you think?

Agape Comic Transcript

The two Things are having a conversation.

Thing 1: Agape is my favorite love. It is big and unconditional and familial.

Thing 1: It is warm hearted and universal. A positive regard that just is, felt in the bones.

Thing 1: I love you agape, my friend.

Thing 2: I love you a gape!

2 thoughts on “Agape (Comic #484)

  1. Moyra Rutherford

    and we love you and we love things without arms and legs 🙂

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