A Funny Thing (Comic #487)

Once upon a time the creator of the Things played guitar and wrote songs. These are lyrics from one of the first songs she ever wrote, before songs called "The Telephone Song" or "The Bunny Song."

The syntax was a little shonky, and sounds came down weird on some of the vowels, but I liked the chorus.

I think I might illustrate the rest of it. It's nice to visit old things.

Funny things

Isn’t life a funny thing

wounds your heart then lets you sing

a thousand songs oh yeah

Isn’t life a funny thing

breaks you out and breaks you in

around and around

and it’s funny how

the sweetest songs come from those who say they cannot sing

and do they know?

the sacred stories hid inside them waiting to be revealed

I take comfort in

the changing flowing universe the many things I do not know

and I won’t stop

demanding some decent reasons a why for every explanation

I feel blessed

by the amazing people in my life, teachers friends and confidants

they gave me life

they gave me the moon and stars, people of my flesh and bones.

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