A Moment of Vulnerability With Boot (Floss) (Comic #488)

Liz went to Minor Arcana's Community Writing Circle on Sunday. It was a great session and if you're in Seattle it's well worth checking out.

The focus of this writing session was on symbolic props. We did a couple of fun exercises, and then we wrote a story based on a random physical object and an emotion. Liz pulled a box of dental floss out of the box of mystery and the emotion "bitterness" from the baseball cap of feelings.

It was interesting and challenging, bitterness isn't something the Things go into much. A bit confronting, but sadness is part of life. Boot works so hard to be strong, that sometimes a little thing can cut through a vulnerable place. Big hugs to Boot.

We had half an hour to write (or in my case, draw) a scene. One page comics are kind of nice, half an hour gave me time to write one script, endlessly edit the punchline, throw that entire script out, write a new one, rough it out in pencils AND ink it! I then when home and digitally did the final inks... I'm fussy that way. Normally comics take me longer to come up with, but nothing quite like a group session to bring out something new... and I guess it was half an hour of writing, but we had done all the build up first!

Thanks Arcana Press! Here's a link to their facebook page if you want to keep an eye on things!

Floss Transcript 

Boot: Used to love flossing. I dunno it made me feel capable, in control, all my grooves sparkly clean.

Boot: Then some stranger saw me buying a valuepack. They laughed and said it must be to replace my terrible laces.

I love my laces

They laughed and moved on.

The floss is still in its package.

It's not like boots NEED to floss anyway.

2 thoughts on “A Moment of Vulnerability With Boot (Floss) (Comic #488)

  1. continue to floss …your laces fit you perfectly …live how you choose not someone elses idea of how you should look …you see the beauty in us all 🙂

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