The Weekend is Over (Comic #486)

I might have drawn this on the plane, then used kitchen counter and camera technology to digitize, and finally redrew it digitally.

The Nebula Awards 50th Anniversary Conference is over. It was amazing. It was full of so many wonderful people.
Henry Lien wrote, choreographed and was the beloved Emperor of dance and song (Emperor Stardust no less) of Radio SFWA. Soon there will be a video of Emperor Stardust and the Eunuchs of the Forbidden City, but for now you can be ear wormed by the audio.

So many lovely words in this song, starting with:

So many worlds so far apart
so many solitary artists who think
I'm the only one out in the stars
but you are not the only one
you're only one of billions
these lonely suns are legion on our solar charts.

We are stronger together, and what a wonderful, humming community of many voices, experiences and dreams.

Henry writes rather delightfully about creative process.

Webcomic Transcript

Thing 2 looks a little bit squiggly.

Thing 1: How are you?

Thing 2: Good. And. Spent. And... and..

Thing 2 vibrates and collapses and gets up again.

Thing 2: Radio SFWA has been stuck in my head for four days.

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