Eyes 2 (Comic #49)

As I was inking this I found myself thinking of Rajan Khanna's short story Flowing Shapes (you can listen to it free on Escape Pod).

I love shape shifters and the interplay of consciousness with physical form. It's always cool to see someone else do interesting things with shape shifters. I bet Rajan's ocular physics composting in my subconscious inspired this comic.

Edit: And my sweetheart has pointed out that I am hysterically funny when I try to wink. He is an excellent winker, apparently my winks look more like I'm scrunching up my entire face with a very strange blink. So my sweetie's awesome, well practiced winks are also inspiration.

And that is why creative influence and inspiration is often more like compost, sneaky sneaky compost than a direct line... and it's important to manage your compost well. Manage the ph and make sure it doesn't get to acid or sour, water it and grind up lots of things into it.


Thing 1's eyes are drawn as forward leaning lines with dots, instead of two ovals with dots.
Thing 2: How do you do it?

Thing 1's eyes are lines with dots drawn differently.
Thing 1: Do what?
Thing 2: The thing with your eyes

Thing 1 has it's eyes drawn slightly differently.
Thing 1: Practice

Thing 2's eyes are several lines looking weird and all over the place.
Thing 1: Maybe lots of practice