When I Create (Comic #503)

The creator of the Things was thinking about how talking about creative works as your baby is a common and easy to reach for metaphor... perhaps sometimes reached for when that is not the feeling, just the closest thing to it. Creative approaches vary so much, from creator to creator, or project to project, sometimes even within projects. It was nice spending time thinking about the different ways and intimacies of creativity.


Thing 1: When I create, it's spending time with you.

Thing 2: And sending a feeling out into the world.

Breakout box: Thing 1: I wonder what you're feeling? Thing 2: What stories do you have to tell

Bunson: I dance, spoing, hug into creating.

Bunson (looking full of mischief): Sometimes I even stop long enough to see what I made.

Boot: When I create it's tattoos on my skin. And when I run out of space, I have to stretch skin to make room for more stories.


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