Dogged Creativity (Comic #628)


Dogged Creativity Comic Transcript

Panel 1
Dog: Creativity is a bit like being a dog with a bone. Ideas are the bone.

Panel 2
Dog has big meaty bone.
Dog: Some are just there, easy and delicious.

Panel 3
Dog: Many you have to chew and chew to get anything out of it.

Panel 4
Dog is digging a hole.
Dog: Some you need to bury in the back yard, so it gets nice and ripe.

Panel 5
Dog is dejected
Dog: Sometimes you forget where you buried it.

Panel 6
Dog stares out of the panel.
Dog: So I try to bury a lot of bones. I don’t know if that’s a good idea, but I’ve dug a lot of holes.


Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Mike Decuir, Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.

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