Still Juggling (Comic #636)

Back in 2013 one of the Things learned how to juggle.

They started the journey at comic 133 and by 136 they were juggling! I don’t think I knew how they were going to learn how to juggle when I wrote comic 133, which was part of the fun.

It’s nice to see juggling return... in a somewhat bits and pieces way, but everyone seems to be having fun.

It’s so nice when you consult muscle memory and discover you still know how to do things. I can’t juggle, though I do try from time to time. It’s supposed to be very good for cross hemisphere communication, music and maths. Maybe one day. I AM quite good at making juggling balls! So I definitely have the equipment. Even if I don’t have the equipment, give me balloons, rice or flour and a pair of scissors and I can give you juggling balls!



Globule flies through the air
SFX: Spwish!

Two globules fly through the air.
SFX: Whoop whoop

Three globules fly through the air.
SFX: wheee!

Pull out to reveal Thing 1 bouncing a series of globules off the top of its head, juggling them all in a neat arch. Thing 2 watches with admiration. Thing 1 is still a little bit cracked from popping, in comic 634, but there are fewer big cracks.
Thing 1: Yep!

Thing 1: I can still juggle.


Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Mike Decuir, Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.