Personal Pronouns (Comic #655)

Wow! It's been four years since I created a pronoun party comic, giving the characters an opportunity to say what pronouns they used and how they tend to respond to being misgendered. It was time for an update and to add Sock and the new doodle entity to the comic (which is now three pages long, all connected together).


Personal Pronouns

Things: We use they or them or zir or ze.

Narrator: What if someone says he or she?
Thing 1: ummmm
Thing 2: It depends.
Thing 1: I worry about reactions sometimes.
Thing 2: It's awkward.
Thing 1: Tell them?
Thing 2: Ignore it?
Thing 1: Go dancing?
Thing 2: It depends on the person and mood.

Bunson Hoppydew: I use he, him, his.

Narrator: What if someone used she?
Bunson: I would laugh!
Bunson: And we'd eat cake
Bunson: or dance
Bunson: or both!

Mayara: I use she and her.

Narrator: What if someone said he?
Mayara: I'd think they're jealous of my beautiful hair.

Narrator: And if they called you it?
Mayara: I might bite them.

Boot: Pronouns are what people use when they can't remember your name.

Boot: I am Boot.

Sock is non-verbal.

Sock is great, and excellent company.

I don't know if sock has a concept of gender, or how Sock constructs concepts of self or others, it'd feel intrusive to assume.

Narrator to the new doodle entity: Hello! How do you like to be referred to?

Doodle creature: Hello!

Doodle creature wearing a hat: I like your hat!


Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.