Haunted by a Mean Email! (Comic #671)

The Liz is a little bit different compared to the last time I drew her! It always feels a little wild, fun and naughty to put myself in the comic!


Liz: Recently I was haunted by a mean e-mail I had sent.
She holds her arm and stares into space.

Liz: FOUR Years ago

Liz: It was bugging me for days.
Liz puts her hand to her face.

Liz: So I decided to apologize
She smiles

Liz wearing glasses and typing on the computer.
Liz: It took me ages to find the email.

Liz stares into space with her hands clenched, full of tension.

Liz: The email was actually polite! I'd just felt really grumpy when I wrote it!

Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela and Sandra M. Odell.