Asking for Help is Hard (Comic #688)

Asking for help can be so hard. I know there have been times in the past where just asking for help has gone horribly wrong and made things worse not better. I feel like it's a skill I've had to work hard at, and get resilient and strategic around. Sometimes I feel like I don't ask for help enough, sometimes I feel embarrassed by how much help I ask for.

There are definitely areas of life where I'm much more comfortable asking for help, and areas where I'm so full of oughts and picture of who I think I should be in my head that I don't ask for help. Coming from a family with weird medical issues it's also been a learning curve just figuring out how to get the help I need from medical professionals... and part of that is learning how to find medical professionals that can handle complexity and who I can work in good partnership with.

Asking for help in ways that's nourishing is such a valuable skill... and one I'm still working on.

... awkward shuffling of feet...

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Asking for Help Comic Transcript

A warm brown work boot is talking to us.

Boot: Asking for help is hard.

Boot: And you don't always get the help you want, which can make it even harder.

Boot: But there are lots of things in life that are hard the get easier with practice.

Boot: So keep practicing.



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