Coffee Coffee Coffee! (Comic #731)

October 1 is International Coffee Day! ... for some countries, it varies! Happy Coffee day!

Thanks to my sweetie for this comic idea (he really is a coffee nerd, and part of the spirit of Bunson Hoppydew. I have all these ambitious longer form comics to work on, but it really is nice to make sure I spend time with the Things and Bunson. They are such a part of my heart now.


Coffee Coffee Coffee Comic Transcript

The Things look very tired and are watching a mocha pot making coffee.

Things: This coffee is taking FOREVER to make!

Bunson zooms around near the Things.

SFX: Vroom! Swish!

Bunson: Whee!

The Things look very tired and continue to watch the mocha pot.

Mocha Pot: Fssshhhh whrre rumble

Bunson continues to zoom around.

SFX: Whooosh!

Thing 2: Bunson! You've had too much coffee!

Bunson slows down and walks up to the the Things

Bunson: Ummm... What's coffee?

The Things look astonished

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