Doodling is For Everyone (Comic #746)

This comic is a little bit like Write the Thing (Comic #734) and a little bit different. I imagine it surprises no one that doodles help me, and I reckon they can help others too.
Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela, Xander Odell, Stuart Barrow, Jesse the K, Brian Fies and Tracey Radford.

Doodling is For Everyone webcomic transcript

Thing 1: A feeling was so big I couldn’t talk about it! I couldn’t even THINK about it without getting lost.
Thing 1: But I discovered that if I drew doodles, it made it a little easier.
Thing 1: And if I talk while showing, while looking at my doodles, I don’t get lost so much, because the feelings have a home in my doodles.
Thing 1: So… can I show you my doodles?
Thing 2: I would love that.
Doodling is for everyone.

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