Lifestyle Advice from a Small Pink Bunny – Sucking Eggs (Comic #673)

Bunson Hoppydew has provided advice about eggs before!

I think when I was a kid I asked my grandma what sucking eggs was. I assumed she would know, given I wasn't supposed to teach her. I think we guessed that maybe it was a weird way of describing blowing eggs to decorate, but that didn't make much sense. I kind of decided that it must mean sucking the caramel out of Easter eggs, because only little kids need help with that. It did make me wonder if there were different strategies and techniques for sucking the chocolate and caramel out of things, so that wasn't a bad mental journey!

Lifestyle Advice Transcript

Lifestyle Advice from a small pink bunny

Bunson Hoppydew: I'm gonna teach my granma how I suck eggs.

Bunson: It's so nice when we share ideas with each other.

Bunson: There's seldom one way to do anything!

Bunson dances and frolics around.

Bunson happily sits amongst some dotted and striped Easter eggs.
Especially when the eggs are chocolate.

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