Lifestyle Advice from a Small Pink Bunny – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (#674)

"Good things come to those who wait" is a phrase my mum would use when we were impatiently waiting for something to cool. Some folks sayings really are defensive weapons to use when waiting is hard because it smells so good (and cake batter often does taste better than cake... until it gives you a stomach ache). In other contexts it's quite a bizarre bit of advice. More often good things come to people who don't wait, who assert themselves or work hard or actively put themselves in situations that allow them the chance to get lucky. It always struck me as a bizarre piece of advice, even if contextually accurate... and being an over thinker, perhaps it did it's purpose because I stopped focusing on the cake and instead dissected the phrase in my head and became quite irate (but generally quietly irate) about the stupidness of this advice. So on that level, it got the job done.

I think for a fidgety person who NEEDS the chocolate cake NOW, waiting can build up anticipation, but it can also become quite unpleasant, full of how about now? or now? or now? Diversion is often the better part of valor and time often passes faster if you're not thinking about waiting, but dancing instead!

It's not cake, but while we're on the topic of yummy food, I thought you should know that Australian Women's Weekly has the best recipe for scones :-)

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait Script

Lifestyle Advice from a small pink bunny.

Bunson Hoppydew is a little pink bunny that likes dancing, friendship and cake.
Bunson sits and smiles

Bunson Hoppydew: Good things come to those who wait.

Bunson looks up at big clock.

Bunson: But sometimes even better things come from dancing.

Bunson dances and prances around to music and then he sits down happily, staring out at us.

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