Grief Recovery (Comic #712)

I drew this comic about a specific experience of loss as part of a Drawing Together session run by Earla Legault. It's been interesting to see how this comic applies to so many experiences of grief recovery/processing. Some losses take longer to recover from, some losses will always be part of you, the missing part will always be there, but so will the Navigating, Continuing and Resourcing.

Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Kate Webb, Erik Owomoyela, Sandra M. Odell and Stuart Barrow.

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Grief Recovery Comic Transcript

Little Liz is standing near a tombstone. Chunks of her are missing, her two arms are separated from her body and are lying on the ground.

Caption: Missing.

Little Liz has one arm attached to her body and has picked up the other arm and is looking at it.

Caption: Navigating.

Little Liz is sitting at a laptop. The laptop screen says "Work in Progress."

Little Liz is sitting on the ground. She's reading a book that has "Poetry that is fun" "Comics that Inspire" "Audio books too."

The stacks around her say "Fiction book pile" "non-fiction book pile." Above Little Liz's head there is an envelope flying through the air that has Community written on it. Another letter says "Friends."

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