Throwback Thursday/Friday AND Amazing Tattoo!

Throwback Friday is Throwback Thursday if you feel asleep on the floor of your lounge room (not even the couch) and don't press post until Friday.

Sometimes I was so tired when I was drawing the things I just couldn't even color boot! It bugs me and I always want to go back and fix it... but there are many things to do in the NOW.

Comic "462: Boot You" has finally been colored and updated!

And, and! This now exists in the world.

I am without ink and I'm not sure I ever will be. I'm so honored someone would love one of my characters and like my art enough to decide it would be permanent art. Boot will always been in my heart, and now other places too.

Thank you for this honor, Sandra Odell, author of many fine and gritty tales and half of Dragon's Hoard




You are mighty.



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