No Noses? (Comic #547)

It was really hard to sit on my hands and not redraw all the comics in my collection. I redrew K is for Kind, it needed to be in color anyway and I think serves as a great calling card for the comic.
One of the pleasant surprises to come out of that was how surprised some folks were that the Things started out with noses. In the early comics their noses drift on and off.
I remember thinking, "dang it, I forgot to add noses!" and going back in to redraw. Then I remember thinking, why am I going back in to draw noses? If they are so unimportant to the thingness of the Things that I keep forgetting them and having nose consistency issues, why do I have them?
What a trip down memory lane!
Thing 2: Didn't we used to have noses?
Bunson: No noses? How do you smell?
Thing 2: a little bit like shortbread!

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