Shrinky Dink test a success (oww)

Although it turns out that I find shrinking Things characters emotionally exhausting. I get really scared they’re going to get hurt and interfere in ill thought out ways that burn my fingers. I made myself not interfere while Bunson was shrinking, but it made me sick to my stomach to see him curl up and shrivel!


After the Things and Bunson shrank I did the love hearts and thank you. I do not enjoy sliding things around on the foil, but not worrying that someone would get hurt made it so much easier. I don’t think I’ll shrink Things without someone to keep me company and they will be extremely limited edition!

I’m pleased with the end results 🙂


2 thoughts on “Shrinky Dink test a success (oww)

  1. We occasionally shrink stuff the girls make from old sheets of styrofoam packaging. So hard not to touch!

    1. You’re so brave! Are there many fumes with styrofoam?

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