Halloween costume funtimes!!!

halloweenbunnyLiving in the northern hemisphere, living in Americaland has made me love Halloween. Up here it is the arts and crafts festival. It’s a festival where everyone can make things, everyone can carve a pumpkin. At halloween the gates are flung open and along with the spooktacular, everyone can be a maker.


Request One: Send me costume requests for the Things!

It’s fun to play dress ups, as previous comics have shown. Send me your request.

Or send me your own clever Halloween interpretations of the Things! Send them to things@lizargall.com


Request Two: PUMPKINS

pumpkinheadSend me your carved pumpkin photos. Carved pumpkins fill my heart with joy and I think Pumpkin Cat gets lonely sometimes.

If you carve a Pumpkin Cat and a Bunson Cat hanging out together I don’t know if there is a limit to my joy and I will send you Things temporary tattoos (and that tattoo paper is not cheap!).

Send pumpkin pics (or picts) to things@lizargall.com

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