An Open Letter to Boggle the Owl

Boggle the Owl is pretty special. Seeing how Boggle articulated complicated feelings, talked about anxiety, depression and gave comfort is inspiring. It makes me want to make my own comic better all the time.

Boggle expressed the wall of anxiety so well, and the comfort that can come when someone sits with you. What Anxiety Feels Like.

Boggle is good at unconditional love.

And articulating the difference between making and helping.

Or the connection between Self Centeredness and Self Hatred.

Boggle’s been away for a little while, it can be rough being a sensitive, caring owl. I’m glad they’re back, I’m glad I could write an open letter articulating why we like them. If you haven’t read Boggle, go do it!


Dear Boggle
We’re sorry you had a rough year.
We like you.
We admire you.
And you inspire us.
We like how open you are.
How you listen, love and care.
Being vulnerable is a choice, and we admire your courage.
We how this year is better.
Wherever your wings take you.
<3 from the Things Without.

411: Maggie

Maggie is a pretty special bunny and good friend to T. She is wise, loving and an excellent listener.



Boot: No one wants

to hug a boot

Maggie the washcloth bunny doll floats down and hugs Boot

Boot: Sigh…

And now I get to be wrong too.