Loud (Comc #118)

On days that are loud, may the Things eat the noises for you.

Also OMG only a dozen more comics to meet my pledge of 130 comics in a year!... yes, animated giffs count as comics!!! They're totally sequential, a special kind of sequential, that's totally a comic and not animation.

During the Clarion Write-a-thon last year the Things Without Arms and Without Legs were born. I created 19 comics as part of my challenge. In the last week, and in a madcap attempt to reach $400 I said I would create one comic for every $1 I raised in those last gasps... Madness! But a good kind of madness and a madness that kept me creating when having a nap might have been easier. $111 were pledged and so I'd need to create a grand total of 130 comics by June 23 2013.

Sometimes that number has felt huge, sometimes it has felt manageable. I fell off the comics making wagon in November and it took me a long time to get back on the wagon. I didn't dare calculate the numbers, I just hoped that doing an update every second day would get me there. I also misremembered the number of comics I had to do and was convinced I needed to create 140 comics, not 130!... so anyway, I checked the figures, I've dared to look up and I'm so happy. I hope to keep creating these comics and I hope you're enjoying the ride.


The Things are hanging out together. Thing 1 is all wavy jiggly lines and looks a bit sad. Thing 1 looks on in concern.
Thing 1: The world is very loud today.

Thing 2's head becomes enormous in size and flips back like a flip top head. They're smiling and looking happy in a massive bulgy head kind of way. Thing 1's vibrations have become more intense in some spots and don't have vibrations any more in other spots. They look a little scared.

Thing 2 has reduced their head down to normal size
Thing 2: I eated the loud.

Thing 1 Smiles. Thing 2 has indications of a slightly burbly belly.

Thing 2 (in large letters): Burrrp
Thing 2 (in small letters): brrapt