Social Distancing with the Things (Comic #612)

This social distancing COVID-19 comic was helped substantially by Michelle Garrison, PhD (@mikigarrison on twitter).
Here in Seattle the weather is pretty grey, but it’s been so good to be reminded by her of how awesome going outside for any sort of socialization is. Much better ventilation!
King County has put together some great social distancing recommendations for kids and teens... and grownups could probably benefit from some of the teen stuff especially!
Figuring out how to do your social distancing can be tricky, the Atlantic has a great article interviewing several epidemiologists about how to maintain distance and how careful to be. It’s a nice to get the different viewpoints and to get a sense of what are the conversation points,
Thing 1: Hello!
Thing 2: Stop!
Thing 2: We can’t hug.
Thing 1: Oh... I’m sorry.
Thing 2: It’s not you, it’s COVID-19 Social distancing precautions.
Thing 1 & 2: I thought hugs were safer than handshakes!
Thing 2: But safer doesn’t mean safe and we should be careful
Thing 2: 6ft distance careful, where we can.
Thing 1: It sounds lonely!
Thing 2: We could go for a walk!
Thing 1: This snuggling back to back, gazing at clouds is pretty neat.
Thing 2: Look! I think there’s even a little bit of sun.
Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Mike Decuir, Lisa Jenkins, Kate Webb, Matthew Noe, and Erik Owomoyela.