Social Distancing with Bunson Hoppydew (Comic #613)

I live in Seattle, WA, USA, so while I have friends and family around the world, what I write is very much influenced by where I am. Please keep in mind situations vary from place to place. Please look to trusted health authorities for the most up to date advice. I subscribe to King County Health alerts and keep an eye on their website here

Bunson tries out social distancing.
This is Bunson Hoppydew.
He likes dancing, friendship and cake.
His mum won’t let him play with his friends right now.

So far, he has:

  • Gone for a run and looked at flowers.
  • Made a story and a drawing for Mayara about his adventure.
  • Written to Momma Tankin’ Bear.
  • Bunson visited Sock. Sock doesn’t use words and hates computers, so Sock’s getting pretty lonely. Bunson had to stay outside and wave through the window, but it was very nice.

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