Sock practices self-isolation (also quarantine vs isolation) (Comic #616)

This was created using the best information I had to hand on Sunday, March 15. Please always check with reliable health authorities.

King County Health, where I am, has a lot of information about quarantine and isolation in general on the Covid pages. As well as English, they have information available in Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, Filipino/Tagalog, French, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Marshallese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese. In times of crisis it’s common for older folks to return to their language of origin, so there will be folks who may speak a lot less English as the stress builds up, so be extra kind and know what resources are available!

Their FAQ addresses a range of questions for how isolation and quarantine are being used in the United States.

King County has created public quarantine, isolation and recovery facilities (the recovery facilities to reduce the burden on hospitals) for those that don’t have anywhere else. I don’t know how you access them however, so you’d need to contact King Country for more details.

New Zealand has created this guide for self-isolating. It’s a requirement for all travelers arriving in NZ to self-isolate when they first arrive, but it’s a useful clearly written resource.


Sock is self-isolation, because one of the socks in their flock tested positive for COVID-19. The rules where Sock lives say you need to self-quarantine when this happens, but Sock has chosen to be extra careful.

Self-quarantine is only an option if you don’t have symptoms. You don’t go to work or school. If you must go outside, you avoid public places. Staying at home and getting stuff delivered is what most people do. Some regions have public self-quarantine and isolation facilities folks can use.

Self-isolation is stricter, it’s important to pay attention to lots of details, so you reduce the risk of infecting folks you share a home/space with. Self-isolation is for folks who have symptoms and can be a requirement in some places after travel. Sock is choosing to do it because they are worried after exposure and is able to do so.

Sock is:

  • Drinking water and eating healthy food
  • Learning to play the keyboard
  • Bouncing
  • Enjoying window visitors
  • Dreaming of flying with the flock

Thanks to all my patrons and a special big extra thanks to Mike Decuir, Lisa Jenkins, Kate Webb, Matthew Noe, and Erik Owomoyela.

2 thoughts on “Sock practices self-isolation (also quarantine vs isolation) (Comic #616)

  1. I window-visited with my mom (who just got home to Canada from Florida) yesterday, I brought her some potting soil so she can get her garden seedlings started for when she’s allowed near people again.

  2. I’m so glad she’s in visiting range. Potting soil sounds like the best kind of gift right now.

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