Quarantine Buddies (Comic #617)

For where I’m living, the latest King County Health newsletter includes updates about facilities for folks that don’t have a safe place right now. https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/health/news/2020/March/14-covid.aspx

Subscribing to my local health department’s newsletters has been very good for my peace of mind. I hope your area has some good newsletters to subscribe to like this. For peace of mind, I’ve found it handy to go straight to the source.


Thing 1: I think our social distancing needs to be more at the quarantine side of things.

Thing 2: yeah

Thing 1: Willy you be my quarantine buddy?

Thing 2: Yes! And we should find a place to be! We’ve never really needed a place before.

Thing 1: And you know, if we’re quarantining together...

Thing 2: We can hug?!

Thing 1: And head boop.

Thing 2: I think I could be happy just hugging my teddy bear, but this is extra nice.