Guest Comic: Andy Romine (2 of 3). Worrying Feels and Laser Beams

Some words from Andy: Whenever I get into a worrying rut, I'm fortunate to have folks (friends, family, my sweetie) around to pull me out of it. Small kindnesses, a shared laugh, a great meal or drink. We all worry sometimes, but here's to the good souls who ease our worries with their glares of love!

Hugs work, too.

The Things have had emotions as shapes before in the past.

Sometimes feeling shapes have been inflated

Sometimes bunnies have run away with the feelings!


Thing 1 has a shape with spikey purple triangle on their belly.

Thing 2: You're worrying again

Thing 1: Yeah

Thing 2 glowers at the shape with love heart eyes

Purple spikey triangle goes Pop! and then dissappears

Thing 1: That's better, thanks!

Thing 2: No problem!