419: Bunson as Napoleon Crossing the Alps

Bunson Hoppydew as Napoleon Crossing the Alps (based on Jacques-Louis David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps aka Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass aka Bonaparte Crossing the Alps)

It’s an interesting and challenging thing, trying to draw classical art with a stylus on an iPad, especially when your drawing style is so different. Still, it was interesting building up the colors, pretending I was working for a session, then adding a new layer to impersonate drying time. It makes me want to get a bunch of paint and go to some life drawing classes… which ain’t a bad thing. The human body is something we’re all so intimately familiar with that grappling with the challenges of representing it is good for any artist, whether they are an abstract painter or an ultra realist.

The challenges of drawing this caused me to buy new styluses to play with! Getting a sharp edge can be tricky sometimes – has anyone had good luck with the Wacom brush? I gave it a go, but I just couldn’t get into it. In the end I return to metal fabric styluses of one sort or another. I wonder if there are rubber tips that give better edge, but they feel so icky to move across the screen.


I like how it looks like Boot is about to eat Bunson’s ROCK OF DESTINY! Om nom nom nom

415: We Can Hug it!

Maggie and Mayara will be getting up to adventures together, no doubt! Sock might even join them.

Modifying Rosie the Riveter to include Mayara flexing and Maggie hugging the flex seemed like a pretty natural development.

414: mini Mona

Work continues on Bunson as Mona Lisa, turns out this is not the easiest thing in the world! I wonder what Leonardo would think?


Other Leonardo!

413: We Can Do It!

I was searching the internet for inspiration and when I saw Rosie the Riveter  art I knew that Mayara (the tamarind seed sized tamarin) would be perfect for the role. Mayara’s pretty fiesty and determined. I can see her taking on all manner of challenges!

409: Bunny in the Hat

Tip of the hat to Dr Seuss aka Theodore Geisel for his Cat in the Hat.

I do like a pink bunny in a hat balancing a teacup on the hat while balancing a goldfish on an umbrella, reading a book and balancing on a ball that looks like something a seal would juggle!

Extra Art Tuesday 408b: Boot does not scream

With a tip of the hat to Edvard Munch.

406b: Portrait of a Thing with Hat

Vincent Van Gogh, has there ever been a more beloved man in a straw hat?

405b: extra art Tuesday. Portrait of a Thing as Van Gogh!

I’ve been hanging out with Van Gogh quite a bit, lots of lines! It’s really interesting drawing something based on another person’s distinctive art. It’s especially interesting and challenging trying to draw his work in a radically different medium. Expect more to come!

403b: extra art Thursday. Chuffles and the moon

Starry Night meets Chuffles. It’s nice to hang out with Vincent van Gogh.

Art from my Sweetheart

Yes, I know I said I would give you a comic today, but I saw this beautiful drawing on my bookshelf and I knew I had to stick it to my wall of love and tell you all about it.

Nearly three months ago my sweetheart drew this for me while I was trying out for the Rat City Rollergirls Fresh Meat Program (called Rat Lab). I didn’t get in, but that didn’t stop my sweetheart from believing in me. Tryouts are coming up again and Saturday I’ll see if I’ve improved enough to get through. This will be the fourth time I try out for Rat City and I know even if I don’t get in this time either my sweetheart will keep on believing in me.

I love this drawing more than ever.


Bunson: I believe in you Betsy
Things 1 & 2: So do we