Mustaches and Hats!

E. Catherine Tobler is an accidental a bacon saving rock star. I got a little carried away while shopping for supplies for today’s comic and I don’t think I have time to create the comic you deserve. Catherine had no idea that was the case when she sent me this fabulous watercolor painting.

Thank you Ms Tobler. When Ms Tobler isn’t painting things she is a senior editor of the luscious Shimmer Magazine, a prolific author and generally tries to make the world a better place.

Art from my Sweetheart

Yes, I know I said I would give you a comic today, but I saw this beautiful drawing on my bookshelf and I knew I had to stick it to my wall of love and tell you all about it.

Nearly three months ago my sweetheart drew this for me while I was trying out for the Rat City Rollergirls Fresh Meat Program (called Rat Lab). I didn’t get in, but that didn’t stop my sweetheart from believing in me. Tryouts are coming up again and Saturday I’ll see if I’ve improved enough to get through. This will be the fourth time I try out for Rat City and I know even if I don’t get in this time either my sweetheart will keep on believing in me.

I love this drawing more than ever.


Bunson: I believe in you Betsy
Things 1 & 2: So do we

Surprise Comic! Fan Art from Stephen

What’s this Liz? Today is not an update day. Stephen Sheridan Boland, IV e-mailed me this adorable piece of fan art and I had to share it with you. Thanks Stephen!

Back to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


Bunson: Hey, please come hop with me.
Thing 1: Sorry, we can’t hop well.
Thing 2: Yeah, you need legs for that.

Bunson: No you don’t. You just need to get creative.

Thing 1 & 2: Really?

Thing 1 & 2 develop spring bodies

Thing 1: Hoppy is fun! Thank you!
Thing 2: Getting creative is fun, too! Thank you!
Bunson: My pleasure!