Thomas Believes in You

This is Thomas, one of Seanan McGuire’s Maine Coons. For his health he has to have a lion haicut and then wear cute t-shirts. He is my friend.

Art from my Sweetheart

Yes, I know I said I would give you a comic today, but I saw this beautiful drawing on my bookshelf and I knew I had to stick it to my wall of love and tell you all about it.

Nearly three months ago my sweetheart drew this for me while I was trying out for the Rat City Rollergirls Fresh Meat Program (called Rat Lab). I didn’t get in, but that didn’t stop my sweetheart from believing in me. Tryouts are coming up again and Saturday I’ll see if I’ve improved enough to get through. This will be the fourth time I try out for Rat City and I know even if I don’t get in this time either my sweetheart will keep on believing in me.

I love this drawing more than ever.


Bunson: I believe in you Betsy
Things 1 & 2: So do we

169: Boots and Trolls

I think when people say don’t feed the trolls they might not think about what those words mean. It’s not like not responding will starve them. Saying don’t poke the bear might make more sense, except the troll is awake and already doing damage. Pretend to be dead, show your throat, maybe that’s what the ancient instinct comes down to, don’t find trouble. But the trouble is already here, trouble gains momentum, trouble gains entitlement when its used to bared throats. Maybe when saying “don’t feed the trolls” think about who exactly you’re asking to be submissive, play dead and show their throat.

161: Thank You

Sometimes it feels like the impossible is possible.

106: Lend a Hand?

Thanks to Mike for inspiring this comic 🙂


Bunson: A good friend is always willing to lend a hand

Bunson and the Things look at each other.

Bunson, Boot and the Things look at each other.

Bunson, Boot, Skate and the Things look at each other.
Bunson: Do any of us have hands?