Happy 100th Comic – Process Diary

Here’s the snippet of video that survived Sketchbook crashing twice. I’m sad all the brain storming and mad scribbling got lost.

I guess the drawing isn’t terrible, but it is lacking magic and its composition is made of meh. I think the comic I finally came up with for the day was a better spend of 100th comic celebration. I’m glad this drawing was a disappointment and not good enough!


94: Punkin Bunny

I’m exploring old/new apps on my iPad. I used to draw things using Sketchbook, but that became way to unstable and I lost hours of work from crashes (it would spontaneously delete layers!). It looks like they’ve fixed things up and Sketchbook has a few features that the version of Procreate that works on a 1st generation iPad doesn’t. Do the drawings look particularly different to you?


Monorail Bunny is bigger than Pumpkin Cat

Pumpkin Cat hisses and swells to be bigger than Monorail Bunny
Pumpkin cat

Monorail Bunny swells to be even bigger than Pumpkin Cat

Pumpkin Cat hisses and swells to be even bigger than Monorail Bunny
Pumpkin Cat

Monorail Bunny gets gigantic compared to Pumpkin Cat

Pumpkin Cat Hisses and gets even more gigantic compared to Monorail Bunny
Pumpkin Cat

Monorail Bunny gets so big not much of it can fit in the panel

Thing 1: how long have they been doing that?
Thing 2: two days

92: Another Bunny? Part 4


🙂 monorails are cool. MAGNETS ENGAGE!


Monorail Bunny is sitting in Boot. Bunson is showboating in Rollerskate

Bunson: Phht Bunny in a boot what can you do?

Monorail Bunny and Boot hover up into the air
SFX: Wom wom wom wom wom


91: Another Bunny? Part 3

The adventures continue. In real life Bunson Hoppydew, Monorail Bunny and Biscuits Bunny had a very nice time hanging out at Key Rena during the last RatCity bout… Sometimes we must enjoy a little dramatic license with our small stuffed animals.


Monorail Bunny is sitting in Boot.

Bunson is in Roller Skate and zooming all over the place.

Bunson: But can you do this?



90: Another bunny? Part 2

Trying to capture the interactions of two bunnies has caused me to rethink and change how I draw the comic! Note the panels with borders. The limitations of technology also mean that the story is taking a little bit longer to draw. I can’t fit 4 panels into a page and still draw something readable. I do all of this on a first generation iPad, I used to use sketchbook pro, but that became way too buggy… Now I use procreate


Monorail Bunny is just standing there. Bunson is in a RollerSkateBunson: Well I’m a bunny in a skate boot

Monorail Bunny is suddenly sitting inside of Boot.
Monorail Bunny: Boot

89: Another Bunny? Part 1

The real life Bunson Hoppydew got to meet Monorail Bunny. Seattle Monorail are taking care of bunny that got lost. They’re still looking for his owner, but until he gets reunited Monorail Bunny has lots of fun adventures exploring Seattle

It’s been Bunson’s dream to meet Monorail Bunny (before Monorail Bunny was famous enough to have his own calendar!) and Bunson’s dream came true during a photoshoot with the Rat City Roller Girls!

Thank you Monorail Bunny and thank you Rat City for taking good care of your Non Skating Officials and their mascots!


Monorail Bunny: I’m a bunny

Bunson: but I’m a bunny

Monorail Bunny: I am a bunny

Bunson is suddenly in Roller Skate
Bunson: I have a skate