Happy 100th Comic – Process Diary

Here’s the snippet of video that survived Sketchbook crashing twice. I’m sad all the brain storming and mad scribbling got lost.

I guess the drawing isn’t terrible, but it is lacking magic and its composition is made of meh. I think the comic I finally came up with for the day was a better spend of 100th comic celebration. I’m glad this drawing was a disappointment and not good enough!


84: Beginners’ Minds

75: The World is an Amazing Place

SBS – Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service. A hybrid funded public broadcasting radio and television network has done much to create and promote a multicultural Australian identity. And more than anyone else, they have inspired today’s drawing. SBS, for me, has always been living proof, part of the cultural air we breathe, that shows that embracing multiculturalism is much better for assimilation for everyone. An Australia without SBS feels like an arid place to me, limited and stagnant. It shows how awesome things can be when diversity is encouraged and diverse people aren’t just spoken about, they’re given spaces to speak for themselves.

“The World is an Amazing Place” I loved growing up, growing into, that SBS slogan.

6 Billion Stories and Counting is the new slogan, and that’s pretty good too and it was cool to cruise around youtube and find new ways SBS is finding to communicate a diverse and complex world.

But “The world is an amazing place” will always be dear to my heart.

I didn’t mean to turn this into a big rave about how much I like SBS, but they gave me, amongst many things, “The World is an Amazing Place” and that is a message worth repeating. This is something the Things embody. It is a phrase that can get you through many dark days.

The world is an amazing place.

Bunny in a Boot

Do you know what today needs more of?

It needs more bunnies on roller-skates #true

Posts featuring the roller-skate

60: Hugs 2

Sixty Comics!!!!! OMG!!!!! SIXTY COMICS!!!

Also, apologies for not updating the archives. I’m trying to decide whether to put it into a more traditional archive format (rather than the scrolling gallery)… or if I should just say register with Comic Rocket, it really will make your life easier.


I asked Mike to inspire me, so he gave me an idea. I changed the idea, and here it is 🙂


The Things look up.

The Things look somewhat concerned.
SFX: screee!

The Things smile to see Skate zooming past them. Bunson Hoppydew wearing goggles sitting in Skate and Sock is perched on the nose of Skate.

44: A good day 3


Bunson Hoppydew in Boot looks at Sock who is upside down in Rollerskate.

Bunson is upside down in Boot while Sock sits on top of Rollerskate.

Bunson sits on top of Boot while Sock does a headstand on Rollerskate.

Bunson does a headstand on Boot, while Sock sits on top of Rollerskate.

We had a good day

38: Shoes


Bunson sitting in Boot.

Bunson: This is my shoe.

Bunson and Sock stare at each other.

Sock rides into in Skate, who is doing a wheelie.